Rookie Rumble 2013



Rookie Rollout is a new event that allows rookie team members to get quickly up to speed on what an FRC competition is like.

To do that, we’ll play Ultimate Ascent, last year’s game. The idea of Rookie Rumble is that no student on the drive team or pit crew should have had the same role in the previous season.  For example, the driver must not have been the driver in last year’s competition (though they could have had some other role on the drive team.)  Students on the pit crew should not have been primary pit crew members last year. The drive coach must be a student, not an adult.


Location: Catlin Gabel School Gymnasium
Address: 8825 SW Barnes Rd. Portland, OR, 97225
Date: Sunday October 20, 2013

8:00am Pits open
8:30am Field open for practice
9:45am Driver’s meeting and Welcome
10:00am Competition Begins
3:00pm Alliance selection (top four teams are captains)
3:15pm Semi finals and finals
4:00pm(ish) Award Ceremony

Cost*: $200 per team (or $300 with registration for Girls Generation included) 

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