FIRSTFare 2009

Designing and building a FIRST robot can be a daunting undertaking, especially for rookie teams or new members of existing teams. Ideally, every member of the team should have enough background to make a contribution during the 6-week build season starting January 9th. Without seeing a wide range of robots, and understanding some technical basics, it’s hard to take a central role. That’s where FIRSTFare comes in. FIRSTFare is both a robot show and a collection of technical/marketing seminars. You’ll get a detailed look at some of last year’s robots from veteran teams. You can ask dumb questions and no one will laugh nor will they feel like you’re “spying”. The teams coming to this event are there to share the tribal knowledge they’ve gathered. Last year nearly 400 people came. The other main function of FIRSTFare will be seminars on a variety of topics. These are typically presentations by experienced students, mentors, or vendors. There are multiple seminar tracks with something of interest to anyone on a FIRST team. If you are a member or mentor of a FIRST Robotics Competition team this is the place to be.


FIRSTFare was held on October 31st, 2009 at Catlin Gabel School in Portland.

The final schedule is located here.


We’ve saved the presentations and speaker’s materials.  They can be found here.